Current. Accurate. Precise.

MicroBuild is built with an entirely different methodology - with good reason!

Not Your Typical Census-based Demographic Product

MicroBuild gives you the means to overcome the limitations inherent with Census and survey-based databases.

With MicroBuild, we’ve developed a patented process that takes current-year, household-level demographic data points and roll them up anonymously into Census Block or Block Group, and Postal geographies. MicroBuild uses Census and postal data to fact-check and normalize the household and population counts. The end result: a dataset with current year demographics that cover an average of 85% of all U.S. households. MicroBuild is as close as you can get to a comprehensive decennial Census – every year!

MicroBuild On Location - See MicroBuild in Action

MicroBuild captures changes at micro-geographic levels. And it does so with greater accuracy and precision than tradtional data sources.  

To see a powerful example of MicroBuild enabling better business decisions, check out our latest edition of MicroBuild On Location. 

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