Solving Today's Data Challenges for Property & Casualty Insurers

G73 finds the story behind your location data, helping insurers understand your policy holders, their needs, and their risks. With 20 years of geospatial data experience and 90+% client retention rate, G73 is the industry standard for location intelligence data solutions.


At G73 Data Solutions, we provide thoroughly vetted and regularly updated address data, geocoding services, location intelligence data for insurance, state-of-the-art analytics, and the most up-to-date demographic data assets. Our tools help our clients understand risks, market effectively, identify opportunities, and respond quickly to unfolding events.

Insurers are recognizing the power of spatial location and geographic information systems as vital components in a healthy 21st-century insurance enterprise. Top-of-the-line providers across industries are using spatial information to drive marketing, streamline risk management, and target sales. Are you?

Working with G73 Data Solutions Helps You:

Acquire more Customers, Faster

We can help you know where new homeowners and movers are most likely to make purchases in the next twelve months. Such intelligence helps your agents and brokers target marketing to high-value areas with significant return.

Make Better Decisions

Our address data solutions help your underwriters and strategists understand where your insured properties are at risk. Your underwriting is highly accurate, because you use the most up to date property information. Even your Pre-Fill processes become faster and more accurate. Risks are tracked and managed with efficiency that surpasses previous metrics.

Address Claims Faster

With improved location and address data solutions, your enterprise is aligned with your clients’ most urgent needs. Claims teams can understand exactly where insured properties are and what hazards they’re likely to face. You have the right balance of claims management resources for your risks, so your responses to major events are fast and accurate.

Fill in the Gaps

We help complete your full data picture, and keep it updated as changes occur. With G73, your COPE Data is complete and up to date. Your systems ingest accurate property data that can fill in any public records gaps, so you know what your clients need, what they’ll want, and how to target your sales for success.

How do we do it?

From our beginning we have developed dataset building, data licensing, and data management expertise to deliver accurate, complete location data solutions at scale. Working with G73 means working with data scientists who have delivered location data solutions for decades.

As storms become more frequent and more severe, insurers need consistent sources of location data to understand exactly where structures and assets are, and when they’re in the potential paths of hazards including wind, water, and fire. Public records information isn’t up to this need – often out of date and inaccurate in fast-changing built and natural environments.

Why Work with G73?

Data available where you need it:

We know every situation and every enterprise is different. Data integration, migration, and cleanup are one place we shine. Let us deliver the solutions you need when you need them.

For data integration we offer:

  • Batch data delivery
  • API access
  • Managed services

 G73 has decades-long history of experience in data builds, management, and licensing, so we give you the confidence that your data solutions are precise, accurate, and reflect the most comprehensive understanding of the data “on the ground.” 

Our Data assets

Our Data assets are multi-sourced to supplement public records and assessor data with the best available metrics.

Spatial Reference File (SRF)

Our Spatial Reference File (SRF) is the Gold Standard for Comprehensive Address Data. Changes are managed with a standard process, so that address data is consistent, precise, and always updated. Even rural address and high-change-area address data are more precise and easily understood using our data sources than classic information. With SRF you can answer questions including:

  • Where are new housing units being built?
  • What kinds of housing? How does the type affect demographics and population counts?
  • What kinds of structures are being built in high growth areas? What zones?
  • How are secondary addresses counted and handled – offices or apartments within a building?
  • What is the true population and household count in a given area?
  • Why is an area changing so fast?

G73 Data is Built from the Ground Up

Put Us To The Test

Put our data to the test. Learn more about G73 Data Solutions can help you get the most from location data.
Let’s discuss setting up a Data Health Checkup to assess your data under NDA. We’ll help you understand specific areas where G73 assets and services can fill gaps, update your information, and bring your data to life.  Get better decision-making capability and informed strategic alignment with G73 Data Solutions.