Spatial Reference Framework

"Location Intelligence solutions require world-class data. The less accurate and precise the data, the further the solution drifts from intelligence to estimates."

- Chris Tackett, Executive Director, Technology

G73 Data Solutions

G73 Spatial Reference Framework is the foundation of accuracy and precision

location intelligence data solutions

Structure-level geocoding delivers higher accuracy and better decisions 

Traditional geocoding services are helpful, but 'close enough' - is no longer good enough. With G73's SRF data you have a much more powerful tool for making decisions based on accurate and precise location intelligence. 

address intelligence

Structure-level precision informs key business strategies

  • Plan deployment of services and assets - network planning, technician routing
  • Budget for capital investments with higher confidence
  • Understand your market and ability to retain and attract customers
  • Improve your risk/opportunity analysis for serviceable locations