We’re more than data

Gadberry Group is a part of G73, a data organization within the RE/MAX family of brands. We are a data solutions provider serving companies with critical location intelligence data needs. We love building great products and helping our clients solve interesting and mission-critical geospatial challenges.

The G73 story

  • Adam Gadberry started Gadberry Group in 2000. 
  • Alltel Communications (now Windstream and Verizon) was our first client. Both Windstream and Verizon remain clients today.
  • AutoZone, Pitney Bowes, St. Jude - all great long-term clients. Thank you guys! 
  • We've developed a fascinating domain expertise in geospatial data science, "where" something is. Location data!
  • We hold patents for micro-geodemographic data processes and methodologies.
  • We're saving our clients millions of dollars with our Address Recognition and Geocoding Services. 
  • We are super excited about our new, best-in-class Spatial Reference Framework (SRF) and MicroBuild Geodemographics. 
  • We love helping our clients. We're good folks, just ask our clients and partners

We are a value-driven organization

1. Be Above Reproach
Do the right thing if you know what that is. If you do not, seek out counsel.  Act in a way so that anyone with whom you interact could say that you have acted honorably.

2. Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience
For us to be successful, our customers must be successful. Actively listen to and create great solutions that exceed customer expectations.

3. Achieve More Together
Foster an environment where the best ideas emerge and debate can flourish.  Actively engage in the debate. Collaborate with stakeholders, respectfully encouraging them to share from their diversity of backgrounds, experiences and working styles.

4. Treat Others with Dignity
Everyone has intrinsic value. Encourage others to be their best selves. In discussions, challenge others respectfully.

5. Default to Action
If you know what to do, don’t wait. Many decisions and actions are reversible and do not need extensive study. We appreciate calculated risk-taking.

6. Benefit from Freedom and Be Responsible
Enjoy the freedom to think, create and get things done on your own terms along with the responsibility and accountability to achieve great results.

7. Continually Improve
We are all unfinished products. Be curious. Experiment. Learn. Adapt. Share. Repeat. Be responsible for your self-improvement.

Gadberry Group Christmas Cards Through the Years